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457 Horizons: Glossary of Terms

Alternate Payee means any spouse or former spouse of a participant who is recognized under a Certified Domestic Relations Order (CDRO) as having a right to receive all, or a portion of, the participant's benefits payable under the Plan.

Beneficiary means a person or persons that a participant designates to receive his or her account balance after the participant's death.

CDRO means a "Certified Domestic Relations Order," which is a domestic relations order that the Plan Administrative Committee has determined satisfies the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code for proper distribution of a participant's benefits (see page 19).

Compensation means your base rate of pay, not including overtime, hourly bonus, monthly bonus established as a flat dollar amount or as a percentage of base rate or lump-sum reimbursement for unused accumulated overtime, vacation, holiday time or sick leave benefits. Compensation is identified as Code 099 on the employee's paystub.

Core Investments/Core Funds Investment options offered in your Plan other than those offered through the self-directed brokerage (SDB) option.

County means the County of Los Angeles.

Deferral The dollar amount you personally contribute to the Plan from your pay.

Eligible Earnings The components of your pay that are used in the calculation of the dollar amount that you can defer into the Plan.

Eligible Employee means a full-time permanent employee who is within an employment classification established by the County, is a member of the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) or the Judges Retirement System, and who is extended eligibility to participate in this Plan.

Entry Date means the first day of each month.

Investment Fund means any investment alternative made available under the Plan.

Normal Retirement Age as defined by the Plan Documents is as follows:
  Safety members (Plans A & B)   40 years old
General members (Plan A) 62 years old
General members (Plans B to E) 65 years old

Participant means an Eligible Employee or former Eligible Employee who has entered into a Participation Agreement and who has a balance in his or her Investment Accounts.

Participation Agreement means the agreement with the County through which an Eligible Employee elects to become a participant under the Plan as of an Entry Date and to defer a portion of his or her Eligible Earnings.

Payroll Deferral Percentage The components of your pay that are used in the calculation of the dollar amount that you can defer into the Plan.

Plan means the County of Los Angeles Deferred Compensation and Thrift Plan (also called the Horizons Plan).

Plan Administrative Committee (PAC) means the committee serving as administrator of the Plan.

Retirement means severance of employment after having met or exceeded the minimum age and service requirements for a service retirement benefit under the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937 or the Judges Retirement Law.

Severance of Employment means any termination of a participant's relationship with the County as an employee, including termination due to death or retirement.

Third-Party Administrator means the record keeper and service provider who has entered into a contract with the County to provide record-keeping and other administrative services for the Plan.


Please consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses carefully before investing. For this and other important information, please obtain the mutual fund prospectuses and disclosure documents by visiting the Horizons Web site at www.countyla.com or by calling the Los Angeles County Service Center at (800) 947-0845. Read them carefully before investing.

Investment options are offered through mutual funds and separately managed institutional accounts and have been selected by the Plan Administrative Committee. Securities are offered through GWFS Equities, Inc., a Great-West Company and FINRA member firm.